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Women's History Month April 2012

Congratulating Det. Patricia Abrahamsen for being honored by the Morris County Prosecutors office during Women’s History Month in April of 2012!







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Homeland Security - Business Infrastructure Security

Dear Reader,

In an effort to afford the businesses within Rockaway Township with the most up to date protective measures as they relate to the above referenced, I am providing the following suggested guidance on protective measures, which I recently received from the National Infrastructure Protection Center.

  • Conduct periodic inspections of building facilities and HVAC systems for potential indicators/irregularities;
  • Increase visibility in and around perimeters by increasing lighting and removing or trimming vegetation;
  • Validate vendor lists for all routine deliveries and repair services;
  • Restrict vehicle parking close to buildings;
  • Require identification, sign-in, and escorts for visitors;
  • Instruct people to be especially watchful for suspicious or unattended packages and articles either delivered or received through the mail;
  • Potential indicators of Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD] Threats or incidents
  • Unusual/suspicious packages or containers, especially those found in unlikely or sensitive locations, such as those found near air intake/HVAC systems or enclosed spaces;
  • Unusual powders or liquids/droplets/mists/clouds, especially found near air intake/HVAC systems or enclosed spaces;
  • Signs of tampering or break-in to a facility or maintenance/utility area;
  • Reports of suspicious persons or activities, especially those involving sensitive locations within or around a building;
  • Dead animals/birds, fish, or insects.

I thank you for your anticipated acceptance of these suggested measures. I will be providing you with any future updates when they are received.

  • Citizens, please report all suspicious activities, packages, and people immediately to local law enforcement.
  • Information regarding protective measures for families and businesses can be found on the Red Cross website.
  • The National Infrastructure Protection Center [NIPC] Watch and Warning Unit can be reached at 202.323.3205, toll free at 888.585.9078, or by e-mail at nipc.watch@fbi.com
  • The NIPC encourages individuals to report information concerning suspicious activity to their local  Joint Terrorism Task Force [JTTF]