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Women's History Month April 2012

Congratulating Det. Patricia Abrahamsen for being honored by the Morris County Prosecutors office during Women’s History Month in April of 2012!







Office of Emergency Management - Guide


The Role of OEM in our Community
The Office of Emergency Management is a network of resources that begins with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Each State has an Office of Emergency Management as well. In New Jersey, the OEM is administered by the State Police. Each County has an OEM, which coordinates County resources and assists with local municipalities. Finally, every local municipality in the State has an OEM, staffed by a Coordinator, a Deputy(s) and a Local Emergency Planning Council (LEPC). The LEPC is comprised of various individuals in the community with a wide degree of backgrounds and professional disciplines and assist the local municipality in preparing for emergency events, networking various businesses and lending professional advice.

Every municipality is required to maintain a local Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The EOP contains a Basic Plan and 16 Annexes. Each Annex is specific to a critical element in emergency planning. For example: Law Enforcement, Shelter Management, Evacuation, Fire & EMS, Health and Social Services are all key components of the plan. The plan is required by law to be updated and re-certified every five years. Rockaway Township’s plan was updated and re-certified in August of 2001. For larger events, mass causality, terrorism and biohazards, Morris County OEM, the Morris County Prosecutors Office, the Morris County Sheriffs Office and other related County agencies all maintain EOP’s designed for countywide use.

Specfic Points of Interest in RTOEM

Bio-Terrorism; is an issue that is being addressed on multiple levels and with various agencies. Morris County continues to be a leader in the State with regard to preparedness and has developed protocol regarding a number of potential bio threats.

Evacuation; is a concern many of us have. Where do we go? When do we go? Who will tell us? How do I get there? Rockaway Township maintains an evacuation plan, which is synchronized with the County evacuation plan. Rockaway Township maintains a Shelter Plan. Various sites throughout the Town have been designated and the American Red Cross-Morris Chapter assists the Town with Shelter Management. The best “Rule of Thumb” for evacuation is; unless you or your home is in imminent danger, the safest place for you is your home. If you are evacuated from your home, you will be directed to a shelter by our local emergency services. Notice of evacuation will occur on multiple levels; TV, Radio, RTPD and RTOEM Websites and if necessary, door-to-door notifications will be made by the municipality. Finally, Rockaway Township has a plan to activate our local transportation resources which include our local school busses, regional school busses, the Township Dial-A-Ride (handicapped individuals) and local charter bus companies as needed. All of these agencies have working agreements on file complete with emergency contact numbers.

School EOP; All schools are required to have an emergency plan. Our local school system has been working with law enforcement and OEM officials to establish and maintain an EOP that incorporated a number of potential emergency related issues. Our local plan has been used as a model for other communities in Morris County.

Training; All Police, Fire, EMS and OEM officials in the Township regularly attend training classes and seminars that are specific to terrorism and other related threats that face our citizens. Since terrorism is constantly evolving, our training is very current, appropriate and necessary to understand the various levels of threat and deploy the necessary resources accordingly.

Communications; Rockaway Township is fortunate to have a group of volunteers assist OEM with mobile communications. Morris County OEM has a mobile communications capable of responding to local emergencies with multi-channel portable radios and mobile repeater systems. Morris County is developing a “Reverse 911” system that will be capable of dialing individual phones from a central location and provide up-to-date information on a potential emergency situation. Individual Towns can be targeted, individual neighborhoods and even streets can be specifically targeted to receive a pre-recorded message on vital information.

Resource Management; Rockaway Township maintains a variety of critical resource lists of personnel and equipment that can be called upon during an emergency event. These lists are current and updated regularly. These lists also include outside governmental and law enforcement agencies on a regional and national level.

General Information; There are a number of recently developed publications, websites and telephone hotlines that are available for the general public to access up-to-date information and resource data. Every resident is encouraged to keep himself or herself informed on a regular basis.

It is important to be diligent and responsible when confronting the many issues we now face, not only as a community, but also as a nation. You are encouraged to notify local law enforcement if you see anything that may appear to be out of the ordinary or may look suspicious. Keeping yourself and your family informed will not only be prudent on an individual level but also contribute to the preparedness of the entire community.