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Congratulating Det. Patricia Abrahamsen for being honored by the Morris County Prosecutors office during Women’s History Month in April of 2012!







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Traffic Division

The traffic division is tasked with both the enforcement side of traffic regulation. Such responsibilities include enforcement of traffic laws, regulation of commercial vehicles, roadway signage and maintenance of statistical data with regard to traffic volume throughout the Township.

The overall goal of the Traffic Division is that of voluntary compliance with posted speed limits and overall traffic laws and regulations as promulgated by the State of New Jersey and the Township of Rockaway.

When voluntary adherence to motor vehicle laws and regulations fail, the officers within the traffic bureau initiate the three “E’s” of traffic regulation. They are as follows:

· Evaluation – to determine the scope of a problem within a specific area

· Education - (where applicable) to educate the motoring public on specific laws as they apply to the area – i.e. the speed education trailer.

· Enforcement – when the education fails or requires further reinforcement, officers will enforce motor vehicle laws through the issuance of motor vehicle summonses.

The traffic division also fulfills many tasks and requirements “behind the scenes” such as maintenance of all records regarding Driving While Intoxicated (D.W.I.) statistics, speed surveys conducted on Township roadways, evaluates the need for new or improved street signage and lighting, and completes the necessary documentation to have abandoned vehicles properly and lawfully disposed of.

In the year 2005 the Traffic Safety Bureau worked with the Department of Transportation on applications for Title 39 (New Jersey Motor Vehicle Law) for several projects that include the Market Place at Rockaway (Wal-Mart), Transmark (Strip Mall by Access Road #1), Olive Garden, and the Rockaway Mall. This will ensure that the Rockaway Township Police can enforce laws pertaining to traffic signs, parking areas, and traffic signals.

The Traffic Safety Bureau also worked with Morris County Department of Engineering, Board of Education, and Mt Hope Rock to improve parking in the area in front of Dwyer School. Also, two flashing 25 MPH School Zone Speed Limit signs were installed in front of Dwyer School to advise vehicles of the speed limit when children are present to help ensure the safety of the children.

Improvements were made in the area of Commons Way on Green Pond Road at our request for better line stripping and configuration of the line designs. The Traffic Safety Bureau also applied to the N.J. Department of Transportation for a cross walk and flashing pedestrian light at KDM School and Camp Hudsonia due to increased pedestrian traffic resulting from the new recreation fields. The Traffic Safety Bureau received a grant for $25,000.00 for a Traffic Safety Vehicle to enforce speed limits on roadway with “Safe Corridors”. The grant was approved as a result of our Radar Enforcement Details and Work Zone Safety Training that officers received.

The Traffic Safety Bureau coordinated a “Welcome Home Parade” for our troops that returned from Iraq in March. The parade started at the Rockaway Mall and concluded at the Dover Armory. The Traffic Safety Bureau assisted Picatinny Arsenal Police with traffic control for Armed Forces Day which was attended by approximately 10,000 people. We also coordinated traffic control for such events as Rockaway Township Police Athletic League Motor Cycle Run, Special Olympics Motor Cycle Run, Gooches Garlic Run, and the Breast Cancer Walkathon sponsored by St Clare’s Hospital.

The Traffic Safety Bureau participated in “You Drink You Drive You Lose” Mobilization Program. Several random roving saturation DWI Patrol Details were conducted in 2005. Also, a DWI Road Block Safety Check Point was set up in the Township of Rockaway on Green Pond Road to raise driver’s awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving through high visibility and educational materials.

The Traffic Safety Bureau also ran 345 Directed Radar Enforcement Patrols on specific roadways where speeding violations were occurring. Directed Patrols were also conducted on specific roadways to help enforce a new local ordinance pertaining to weight limits on certain roadways.

The Traffic Safety Bureau has been conducting speed analysis of selected roadways within the Township during the year which will be utilized for consideration of present and future requests for speed humps.
During 2005 the Traffic Bureau purchased a second Speed Monitor Trailer and twenty-five (25) portable 25 MPH signs to educate/remind the general public of speed limits in various areas of the Township. The purchase of our initial Speed Monitor Trailer in 2000, has proven to be an effective tool in educating motorists to comply with speed limits within the Township of Rockaway.

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